Disney Cruise Lines' Latest Magic: Hawaiian Cruise Vacation Package

Disney Cruise Lines' Latest Magic: Hawaiian Cruise Vacation Package

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher

Disney has taken the pixie dust and magic of their amusement parks and entertainment to their cruise ships. New for 2012, the popular cruise to Hawaii is the latest destination Disney Cruise Lines will be taking to. The explosive features of this cruise expand on what made the other cruises so popular—including scrawling across the sea's night sky the colorful signature of Disney fireworks. 

Disney cruise ships pull out the Disney card at all chances on their cruise ships. The live shows featured every night on the cruises are all Disney-related, such as “Let the Magic Begin”, a 50 minute live show of variety acts with various characters from popular Disney films including Mickey Mouse and his friends. “Disney's Aladdin—A Musical Spectacular” is described as a Broadway-style live production, featuring many of the original movie's songs. “Disney Wishes” is yet another musical piece about growing up but staying young at heart, one of Disney's themes. The exact shows vary from ship to ship and cruise to cruise, though they all run along similar lines.

The theaters also show digital 3D films and first-run movies. Also included in the Disney Cruise Line experience are Character Experiences, meet and greets for beloved old characters for both children and adults. Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, and the other Disney characters appear on the ship at scheduled times and locations and unexpectedly, as well, for a chance for photographs and handshakes with the children and their families. 

The deck parties also capitalize on the trend, including a Sail-Away celebration on the night the cruise starts as well as a Pirate IN the Caribbean celebration. The first is a dance party where cruise passengers can dance with the crew members and Disney characters, whereas the Pirates IN the Caribbean celebration was the first celebration to host a fireworks display at sea. 

The Disney Cruise Line dining plan is unique as well. Main Dining is a rotational dining experience, wherein guests will rotate through three dining rooms, though with the same waiter and the same tablemates. Of the themed restaurants Animator's Palate, Parrot Cay, Lumiere's, Triton's, Enchanted Garden, and Royal Palace, each cruise ship has different restaurants on board. Royal Palace, for example, is based on the fantasies created by such classics as Cinderella or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and has décor modeled from films such as the ball room scene in Cinderella. 

Disney Cruise Lines is very family-oriented, and was voted No. 1 Large Ship Cruise Line for Families by Travel + Leisure in 2011. Their on-board plans for children are open for all ages, though there are suggested ages and maturity levels for the different activities. The Storybook Series of activities, for example, includes “Do Si Do With Snow White”, where children can learn a dance with Snow White. The Clubhouse Series is more energetic and for younger children, including a Little Einsteins inspired series for children to emulate the Little Einsteins TV show characters and play an instrument, conduct, sing or dance. But the adults are not forgotten: while their children are occupied, adults can enjoy the time with adults-only dining experiences such as the art-nouveau restaurant, Remy. There are lively nighttime bars and clubs on board for those age 18 and over as well, themed around “Europa” offering similar visual experiences to Italy, England, Ireland, France, and one another locale which varies depending on the season of travel. 

In 2012, Disney Cruise Lines scheduled cruises for Hawaii in April and October. In Oahu, Hawaii, Disney has just opened Aulani Resort and Spa, and guests can book a shore excursion which takes them to a relaxing day at the resort. They then rejoin the cruise ship in the evening. 


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