Cruise to Bermuda: Cruise Reviews – Demystifying Bermuda Cruise Deals

Cruise to Bermuda: Cruise Reviews – Demystifying Bermuda Cruise Deals

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher

You may be traveling to Bermuda, but you don't want to be sucked into a Bermuda's Triangle of expenses to entrap you while you're relaxing on the beaches of pink sand. On the other hand, there's no point in paying less if it means an uncomfortable cabin or a worse travel experience. There are, however, websites that find cruises for you. When searching for discounted prices, keep in mind that your choices are limited, but if you find a discount that perfectly suits what you're looking for then why not go for it? Here's how, and where, to find cruise deals that are both good quality and good value. provides good discounts on Bermuda cruise itineraries. The website is run by a pair of brothers who have been working as cruise brokers since 1972. The website is a top producer for many cruise lines, which enables them to provide deep discounts. Some of their last minute Bermuda cruise deals can be exceptionally good. This website also offers special prices on cruises booked well in advance.

At, the discounts are steep. The website is operated by a travel company that’s been operating since 1984, so they have excellent contacts within the cruise industry. This allows them to present their customers with outstanding deals on a cruise to Bermuda. With this website, membership is meaningful. Users register at the website to receive a weekly email packed with specials. 

A Bermuda cruise may also be booked at Travelocity. In fact, Travelocity has been known to price a six night Cape Liberty round trip cruise to Bermuda at $107 per night. That’s a rate that’s affordable enough for the whole family to cruise. Travelocity does not charge booking fees and they often make other specials available. Discounts on shore excursions and price savings for teachers and members of the military are frequently on offer. is an excellent option for travelers whether they are booking at the last minute or even in advance. This website features articles about Bermuda and cruising in general, so it’s a useful spot for first time cruisers. Deeply discounted cruises are not as plentiful several months in advance on this website, but the last minute cruises are always affordable options. 

Expedia is a well known website that offers great Bermuda cruise reviews and deals on many sailings. Good discounts on fares can be found here even a few months in advance, so it’s worthwhile to check back often. Bermuda cruise deals at this website may include exclusive sale pricing or onboard credits that can be spent on the ship. 

Bermuda cruise reviews may also be found at This discounter specializes in last minute travel, so users shouldn’t expect to find deals for a cruise that’s not happening for several months. Specials offered at this website may include onboard credits and free cabin upgrades. 

In addition to specialty discount websites, the websites for the cruise lines themselves also frequently offer sales and discounts. These may include lower pricing on fares as well as onboard credits and free cabin upgrades. When planning a cruise to Bermuda, it really pays to shop around.

While it’s easy to find deals on cruise fares at the last minute, other vacation components may be expensive. Prospective travelers should keep in mind that airfare can be costly, especially when booked at the last minute, so this should be factored into the cost of the trip. It’s also important to understand that sometimes cabin availability is limited at the last minute. This may make it difficult to secure the preferred cabin type. Also, cruisers should keep in mind that each cruise line caters to a different segment of the population. If the cruisers are looking for a quiet, romantic time, then booking a family oriented cruise line may not be the best choice no matter how cheap the fares. 

A Bermuda cruise makes a fantastic vacation for couples or families. By visiting some of these websites, anyone can find wonderful Bermuda cruise deals that make these voyages affordable for any budget. Most websites provide Bermuda cruise reviews, which makes it easier for potential cruisers to find the right ship and itinerary for their vacation.  

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